We listen.
We care.
We help parents feed their babies.

Providing breastfeeding support and prenatal classes for London, St. Thomas, Elgin and beyond. Specializing in complex feeding challenges.

Birthwise provides attentive, caring, in-depth support for families struggling with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding issues such as latching difficulties, suck dysfunctions, tongue and lip ties, breast refusal/nursing strike, problems with weight gain, low milk supply, and nipple and breast pain.

Hi! I’m Lori, the founder of Birthwise.

Thank you for visiting Birthwise! I am a mother, grandmother, registered nurse, childbirth educator and lactation consultant.

Whatever the reason you have come across my website, know that I am dedicated to helping you through the challenges you are facing and achieve your personal feeding goals, while keeping the relationship between you and your baby central every step of the way.

I take my time, give you my full attention, complete thorough assessments and provide great follow up.

Parenthood is a great adventure; your love and dedication are the most important part, providing the foundation for a strong and thriving family.

“Lori is professional, knowledgeable, kind, non-judgemental, and supportive. She makes her clients feel comfortable during a time that is very vulnerable for them.”

—Katherine T.

Our Values

1. We love babies and their parents.
2. We believe relationships are what really matters in life.
3. Our clients should feel good about themselves and confident in their feeding choices.
4. Knowledge is empowering.
5. Our clients are safe with us.
6. Every family is unique. There are no “one size fits all” approaches to feeding babies.
7. We strive to exceed expectations.
8. We know our stuff. And we collaborate with others who know their stuff.