Helping you feed your baby.

All services provided by an RN, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Whether your goal is to exclusively breastfeed, chestfeed, or bottle feed providing expressed breast milk, formula or a mix of both, we can help you.

Mother breastfeeding a baby



Initial Visit (2 hours)

Feeding your baby can be challenging. We are here to help. We have extensive experience with common and complex breast and bottle feeding problems including: oral restrictions, suck dysfunctions, and gut microbiome issues.

Your visit includes a thorough functional oral assessment of your baby and more. There are no “one size fits all” approaches to feeding; you will leave this visit with a customized written care plan.

*Includes 1 week of email/text support to clarify the plan.

• $135 in clinic: Book Now
• $135 virtual (*may be possible in special situations) Contact to book.
• $190 in home (*travel fees may apply) Book Now

Follow up visit (1 hour)

For existing clients who have had an initial visit.

Your breastfeeding journey will change as your baby grows and develops, especially in the early postpartum days and during major developmental milestones. And/or depending on the complexity of the issues identified in your initial visit, follow up visits may be necessary to evaluate and tweak the plan as we continue to work towards your feeding goals.

*Includes 1 week of email/text support to clarify the plan.

• $85 in clinic: Book Now
• $85 virtual (*may be possible in special situations) Contact to book.
• $120 in home (*travel fees may apply) Book Now

Pumping Consult and Flange Fitting (45 min)

For help choosing a pump and a customized flange fitting, book a Birthwise pumping consult. We have several flange sizes and styles for you to try during this consultation. You don’t have to “buy to try.” You will leave this consult knowing exactly what to order to help you pump the most amount of milk, in the shortest time and with the greatest comfort.

This consult includes:
• A discussion about what pump is best suited to meet your needs
• A flange fitting
• Tips and tricks for effective pumping
• A written customized plan including your pumping plan, how to look after your pump and proper storage and handling of breastmilk.
• 1 week of supportive follow up

*Sometimes pumping is complex, I will support you emotionally and help you connect with peers who understand how you may be feeling.

Cost: $65 +HST (In clinic or virtual only): Book Now


Quick tips, tricks and chats (30 min)

For simple, uncomplicated questions or concerns, this phone or virtual visit may be all you need. Please email in advance of booking to decide if this is an option for you.

Cost: $45 phone/virtual. Contact to book.

Free “introductory” phone call (15 min)

It is important that you feel comfortable with your lactation consultant. These calls are an opportunity for you to talk with me in person so you can ask for the information about our services and get a feel for who I am as a person and what to expect during a visit. To put your mind at ease, I don’t have a sales pitch, and you will not be contacted afterwards unless you ask me to. This is a risk-free call.

Please note: For insurance purposes, I cannot give you specific lactation advice during this call. You have to be an existing client with a signed consent form for me to be able to assist you with any specific concerns.

Cost: Free. Book Now

“Lori is a very caring and knowledgeable individual in this field! She knew the exact steps to take in order to support me with my breastfeeding journey, and quickly reassured me that I was on the right track.”

—Taylor W.

Lactation solutions for:

• latch and positioning
• tongue, lip and/or buccal ties
• breast refusal/nursing strike
• suck dysfunctions
• weight gain problems (flat, slow)
• sleepy babies
• healing damaged sore nipples
• nipple pain
• engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis
• thrush
• blebs
• low milk supply, oversupply, IGT
• supplementation
• induced lactation, re-lactation
• pumping (exclusive and otherwise)
• twins
• premature babies
… and more.

What to expect at a Birthwise Lactation visit:

• A conversation about how you want to feed your baby
• A relevant medical/surgical history and details about your birth story will be taken (initial visit)
• Functional oral assessment of baby (to identify any tongue, lip, buccal ties and suck dysfunctions)
• General assessment of your baby (to identify any issues that may affect suck, positioning or latch)
• Maternal breast/ chest assessment (with consent and only as needed)
• Weighted feed*
• Observation of a full feed and guidance of latch and position
• Pumping or hand expression observation/ guidance (if necessary)
• Treatment suggestions for nipple damage and/or breast pain (if necessary)
• Paced bottle feeding demonstration (if necessary)
• Other supplementation demonstration (if recommended after assessment)
• Oral and body exercises to do at home
• Education about normal infant behaviours—feeding, crying, sleep, developmental milestones
• Referrals to other health care professionals (if necessary)
• A customized written plan based on your goals and unique lifestyle
• Love and acceptance

* Weighted feeds are a valuable tool for determining milk transfer from your breast to your baby. Your baby will be weighed several times during your visit. The first will be a naked weight so we can plot their growth. The following weights will be before and after your baby feeds from each breast and they will be fully clothed.

“Breastfeeding isn’t something that came naturally to me. Lori came highly recommended and I could immediately see why—she was incredibly knowledgable, patient and warm. During our visit, I never felt rushed or afraid to ask questions. She came prepared to offer any support we needed to help get us over this challenging period. Without Lori’s support, I don’t think I would have breastfed as long as we did—a full year!”

—Shannon R.